• What You Get

    In this six week course, you'll get knowledge on how to train the way an elite runner trains, with easy ways to adapt those elite running principles to your own training and racing.

  • 19 Video Lessons

    In 19 videos, Sarah and Ben True explain the approach to running that's allowed them to reach the Olympics twice and set an all-time American 5k road running record.

  • Six Audio Files

    If the videos go deep, the audio files go deeper on a variety of topics related to the course material. Download the audio files and listen while you drive to work, go on your weekend ride, or while taking the dogs for a walk!


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Course Curriculum

  • 1
    BONUS Downloadable Audio Files
  • 2
    Run Training for Triathlon
  • 3
    Running Technique
    • Running on a Treadmill vs Road Running
    • Mental Cues to Reinforce Good Technique While Running
    • Preventing Running Injuries
  • 4
    Running Equipment
  • 5
    Supporting Activities Critical to Running progress
    • Pre-Run Warm Up Routine
    • Ben True's Pre-Run Routine
    • Stretching and Cooling Down After Running
    • Weight Management for Optimal Run Performance
    • Sarah and Ben's Eating Guidelines
    • Sarah and Ben's Secret "Miracle" Key To Good Performance
    • Sarah and Ben's Recommended Sleep Hygiene Products