• What You Get

    In this six week course, you’ll learn how to breath easily in the water, reduce your drag to become faster, make significant improvements to all parts of your stroke, plus so much more.

  • 18 Video Lessons

    Over the course of 18 videos, the reigning Ironman Kona swim course record holder and two-time World Championship podium finisher will show you how you can improve your swim to effortlessly glide through the water like Lucy does.

  • Six Audio Files

    If the videos go deep, the audio files go deeper on a variety of topics related to the course material. Download the audio files and listen while you drive to work, go on your weekend ride, or while taking the dogs for a walk!


Get all Pro Triathlon Training courses for $180 USD/yr, a fraction of the price of the individual courses.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Lucy and Reece's 10 Favourite Swim Workouts
  • 2
    BONUS Downloadable Audio Files
  • 3
    The Basics of Triathlon Swimming Technique
  • 4
    Getting Ready for Your Race
    • How to Improve Your Stroke Rate
    • Pacing the Swim in a Race
    • Designing a Race Pacing Swim Workout
    • Pool Workouts to Prepare You for Race Day
    • Pre-Race Routine
    • Designing a Swim Workout and a Season
  • 5
    Must-Have Swim Equipment
    • Essential Items for Your Swim Equipment Bag
    • Tri Wetsuits and Swimskins
  • 6
    Strength Training for Swimming
    • How to Warm Up With Strength Training Before Swimming
    • Core Exercises for Swimming
  • 7
    Thank you!
    • Mindset to Move Forward and Improve Your Swimming